KSM Trial


Now that Holder has inflicted Khalid Shaikh Mohammed on the American criminal justice system we’re reminded why the military tribunals were set up in the first place – to protect the criminal justice system.

KSM was water-boarded 130 times to get information, not a conviction.

Holder is confident he can get a conviction and he wants the world to see that “we need not cower in the face of an enemy”.

If Holder is right, the world will see an American legal system convict a man who was denied a lawyer, not read his rights, tortured into a confession (according to the president of the United States), and prejudged by the president and his attorney general. ¬†Holder added that if KSM isn’t convicted he still won’t go free¬†and Obama agrees.

Some showcase for our legal system.

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  1. DeepWheat says:

    Speaking as just another “Right Wing Extremist” in Flyover Country, mere words cannot convey the towering arrogance, colossal conceit and insufferable stupidity of the decision to put KSM and his cronies in Federal Court in NYC… but your ‘toon does rather nicely, thankyouverymuch Mr. Bok! :-))

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