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Obamacare Severance Day

If you’re going to poach a cartoon go big. This is from Join, or Die, America’s first editorial cartoon, by Ben Franklin.

Severability is a precise legal term meaning to chop up into itty bitty pieces.

Buy it Now


The administration has asked the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of the Obama Care individual mandate to buy insurance, right away.

Meanwhile, Obama Motors is offering free loaner cars if your Volt bursts into flames.

Swing State

The swing state seems to swing both ways.

Federal Power


A federal judge ruled that the federal government doesn’t have the power to make you go out and buy something you otherwise wouldn’t – health care in this case. The government claims its constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce gives it the right to do just that.

Nat Hentoff doesn’t think any clause of the constitution gives the government the right to assassinate its own citizens who become jihadists.

Take That, Insurance Companies


The new health care bill punishes the insurance companies by delivering 30 million new customers! Frank Ahrens lists health care winners and losers in the Washington Post.