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Happy Thanksgiving

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Path to Citizenship


130729-path-immigration-cartoon-As President Obama pivots to the economy some immigrants are pivoting back to Mexico.

Immigration Bill

20130627-immigration - gang of eight - cartoon

The Senate passed the Gang of Eight immigration bill. It’s 2000 pages. We’ve been here before.

Immigration for Millionaires


While Congress debated how to keep out illegal immigrants, Phil Mickelson had the temerity to suggest he might immigrate the other way. The reason – his 60% total tax bill. In the ensuing uproar over his greedy desire to keep more of his money, he caved, and also apologized for having kept his opinions.

Anchors Away


I’ve heard that when your opponent is self-destructing, the best thing to do is get out of the way. Unless you’re a Republican, in which case, you’ll probably want to begin a movement to repeal the 14th amendment. The most likely outcome of that effort according to Linda Chavez is no Hispanic Republicans. She makes her case in a WSJ column. You may need a subscription, but I was able to access the whole thing here. Atlantic Wire has a brief summary here. And Chavez explains in this JWR column.