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Euro Gap

Historian Victor Davis Hanson explains why Germany is rich and Greece isn’t.

E.U. Time to Shine

100518bokloresYesterday Germany outlawed naked shortselling. I looked it up, it has nothing to do with day trading at home in your underwear. In most short selling you have to borrow the security you are shorting and then return it at the hoped for lower price. With a naked short you don’t even borrow the the security. The euro responded to the new rule by falling to a 4 year low. The E.U. is on the hook for a trillion dollar bailout and Paul Volker says a breakup is possible.

E.U. Chain of Custody


The busy beaver U.S. Treasury is consulting on the side. It advised the European Union on the benefits of bailouts. Here’s the NY Times story. And here’s a link to George Will on the chain of fools. He says, “Bailing out Greece really rescues European banks that improvidently bought Greek bonds”.

Wall Street’s Fat Finger of Fate


The Dow plunged 1000 points yesterday and bounced back 500 in about 20 minutes. Some experts suspect someone pushed the wrong button.

Greek Financial Crisis


Here is Nial Ferguson in the Financial Times explaining how the Greek Debt Crisis is coming to us.