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Husband says "well, I did my part to cut the unemployment rate." Wife says "you got a job?" Husband says "no, I went on disability."The economy added 88,000 jobs in March and the unemployment rate dropped to 7.6%. The bad news is 500,000 people left the labor market. Only 63.3% of potential workers actually have a job. That’s the lowest labor market participation since 1979 according to IBD. If you include those who have given up looking for a job the unemployment rate is 11.1%.

In 1968 there were 51 full-time workers for every 1 on disability. In January 2013 that ratio is 13-1.

Easter Egg Roll


At The White House Easter Egg Roll, a boy tells another boy "I didn't know we were gonna get rolled (with debt)."As of today each individual’s share of the national debt is $53,276.81.

Other People’s Money in Cyprus


a car full of money drives away from Bank of Cyprus and driver asks "what's plan B?"The EU tried to tax Cypriot savings accounts up to 10% in exchange for a bail-out of the banking system. The attempted heist was broken up by the Cyprus parliament with 36-0 vote. So now the Cyprus banks are closed until Tuesday awaiting plan B.

Arnold Ahlert says the world banking system is running out of other people’s money -“we’re all Cypriots now”.


In return f

Pop Tart Politics


teacher tells student "quick, nibble this pop tart into a gun!"By now you’ve heard of the mouth modified assault pop tart caper.  A seven year old Maryland boy was suspended from school for gnawing a pop tart into the shape of a gun.

You can laugh but even an unloaded pop tart is more dangerous than you think.

Says Mark Steyn, “You’re doomed, America, You’re done for. No society can survive this level of stupidity.”

As I write this, news comes in of T.J. Lane, a high schooler with a real gun who killed real people in Chardon, Ohio a year ago. He just received three life sentences without parole. In court he expressed his remorse with a smirk while wearing a t-shirt emblazoned “killer” in hand lettering. He turned to the members of his victims’ families and told them he masturbated to the memory and gave them the finger.

I think his prison term will be short.

Those Whacky Puritans



 While the Mayor and Michelle go Carrie Nation on the sugar industry, the rest of us are bailing it out with price supports. Got the idea for this one from this Steve Chapman column.