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Tale of Two Dicks

During an interview with Charlie Rose that aired Monday the president protested again that he’s not Dick Cheney. He has a point. I haven’t heard that Cheney tried to intimidate journalists and their sources, or use the IRS to intimidate political opponents.

James Taranto, in a column titled We’re all Dick Cheney Now, says Obama is trying to send a message to his base that they were right to distrust Cheney but not to distrust him for adopting and expanding the same program of spying on Americans.

Victor Davis Hanson says, “deception is now institutionalized in the Obama administration”. He calls it, “the most untruthful cast since Nixon, Halderman, Zeigler, and John Dean”.

VP Smackdown


William McGurn, in his WSJ column today, dredged up some Joe Biden comments form 2007 on Iraq – “fundamental strategic mistake” to believe “there is any possibility in the lifetime of anyone here of having the Iraqis get together, have a unity government in Baghdad that pulls the country together. That will not happen, George.”

Thanks for the Memos

090513bokloresNow that Obama has released the “torture” memos, and Joe Biden has released Cheney’s undisclosed location, the former V.P. is in a releasing mood himself. Obama said there would be no prosecutions. That was before he said there might be, but only for lawyers – and who among us is against prosecuting lawyers? Cheney says Obama left out the memos that show “harsh interrogation” kept the country safe from more 9/11 style attacks. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi says memos lie.