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All Ears

101115bokloresMitch McConnell has signed on to Republican plans to end earmarks. The last time they were in power, the earmark habit got the GOP thrown out on their ears.

Steele Trap

100405bokloresSome republicans are unhappy with the soaring spending of RNC chairman Michael Steele. One notable expense was $2000 at a “bondage themed nightclub”, Voyeur West Hollywood. The outing was an attempt to wrap up 30-something republican donors known as Young Eagles. A private jet the high flying chairman had been angling for was rejected.

Buff Bluff

100308boklores1Eric Massa resigned today. The married congressman from NY is accused of sexually harassing a male staffer. Massa claims to be the victim of a dem conspiracy to run him out of town because he won’t vote for health care. But the congressman has no clothes. He says Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel yelled at him while they were both naked as jaybirds in the shower at the house gym. Emanuel’s fully clothed yelling recently upset liberals and the mental health community.

All the States Above Average


Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Meet the Press Sunday that the federal government owes the Golden State. He claims that his state only gets back $0.78 on the dollar from the feds while Alaska gets $1.86. (I accidentally cheated the mushers out of $0.56 in the cartoon.) Go here to see this part of the interview (if you don’t want to hear the whole thing you can fast forward to the 4:50 mark). In a later section of the interview he smacks the California congressional delegation for supporting the health care bill which he says will be an economic blow to their state .

Limosine Liberal


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