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White House Tour


130309whitehousetour_schoolsThere may not be any White House access for the kids who want a spring break tour. But there’s plenty to go around for Obama cronies who want to drop by and drop off cash under the perpetual campaign operation known as Organizing for Action. Kimberly Strassel of the WSJ thinks the president has “jumped the sequester” on this one.



President Obama was in Iowa trying to give tax money to the wealthy. He wants us t0 ” ‘put politics aside’ and give farmers their money”. Ten percent of farmers get 74% of all farm subsidies. Forty percent of the U.S. corn crop is used to make federally mandated ethanol.

Bully Pulpit

Will Mitt’s high school hair cutting hijinks lead to continued bullying if he makes it to the White House? If so, he’ll fit right in. Last time we checked, the Preezy was trying to bully the U.S. Supreme Court into a favorable ruling on Obama Care.

Now, Kimberly Strassel reports from the WSJ that he’s picking on private individuals. The Obama campaign site, Keeping the GOP Honest, posted a list of high rolling Romney donors – or as the site calls them, “”wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable records”. The campaign doesn’t just name names, it conducts opposition research to smear the donors, according to Strassel.

Personally, I think the Washington Post missed the story by focusing on Romney cutting a kid’s hair half a century ago. I want to know what the hell he was doing going over the boards to join in a hockey fight! (the picture is worth enduring the 14 second commercial)

Solar Nexus

The president hasn’t had much luck with his plan to raise taxes, increase stimulus, and direct the green economy. This week his problems seemed to converge on the Solyndra scandal.

Tax Day

Green energy credits for wind turbines, something Jobs Czar and GE CEO Jeff Immelt lobbies for, are one reason GE’s tax bill was zero..