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Laker Lebron

laker LeBron

LeBron James has taken his talents to Hollywood. But fans aren’t burning his jersey this time around. After all, he’s the greatest athlete who ever lived.

He brought Cleveland its first major professional championship since Jim Brown did the same in 1964. (The previous greatest athlete who ever lived.)

Laker LeBron

LeBron accepted a four year offer from the Lakers for $153 million. And he turned down a five year deal from the Cavs for $205 million. He had his reasons.

When LeBron took his talents to South Beach there was bitterness. There were petty complaints. Some even said he was a cheap tipper. But he just now left $53 million on the table.

Burning Love for LeBron

140715LebronFour years ago Cavs fans burned their LeBron James Jerseys. Now LeBron is coming home and all is forgiven.

Republicans Beat LeBron to Cleveland


Republicans see something Lebron James didn’t. They’re coming to Cleveland for their 2016 national convention.

If Republicans are betting a Cleveland convention will reel in Ohio’s 18 electoral votes, Al Hunt at Bloomberg might be happy to take a little of that action:

History, however, suggests the convention venue usually has little bearing on the outcome. The last four Republican conventions have been held in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), New York (New York City), Minnesota (St. Paul) and Florida (Tampa.) The Republican candidate failed to carry those states in each of those general elections.

Anyway, Cleveland is thrilled to have the convention but it still hasn’t forgotten about LeBron. The current front menu page of the Plain Dealer has 2 links to convention stories and 3 links to James stories.

Best of Bok 2019

Here are some of the cartoons I liked best from last year:

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2020 election, Bloomberg, media, news
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Counterpoint, Russia, Collusion, Ukraine, Obama, Trump, missile defense,Poles, Czechs, Russian Assets
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Steny Hoyer House impeachment of Trump
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NBA Finals All About The Refs

nab finals all about the refs

So far the NBA finals have been all about the refs. In game one they overturned a charging call against Kevin Durant and changed it to a blocking foul against LeBron James. Durant went on to sink both free throws and tie the game.

Collision Collusion

But charging calls are only reviewable if the chargee – LeBron in this case – is thought to have been in the restricted zone. He wasn’t, but once the investigation was open they went after him for a different violation. His feet weren’t sufficiently planted when he took the collision.

NBA Finals All About the Refs

The NBA issues a Two Minute report on the officials after it’s all over and not reviewable.  They say the got the charging call right. But Draymond Green should have been called for a foul against LeBron with 12 seconds remaining. Not only that, Green committed a lane violation on George Hill’s missed free throw with 4 seconds left.

That’s an opportunity cost of three more free throws for the frustrated Cavs.