Pelosi’s Threat Comes and Goe

pelosi's threat, stimulus bill
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Nancy Pelosi’s threat of a Tuesday deadline to accept her stimulus terms has come and gone. They’re still negotiating.

I liked my original sketch better with Pelosi holding a gun to her head. But editors might not run it. So, if a cartoon falls in the forest and nobody sees it… what good is it?

I thought it was pretty funny when Cleavon Little did it in Blazing Saddles. (Trigger word warning for humor impaired)

4 Responses to Pelosi’s Threat Comes and Goe

  1. John H says:

    At least she is fairly consistent in what she wants in the relief bill, her argument that relief is needed ASAP, and has shown a willingness to negotiate. The White House and the MCConnell-led Senate are less predictable, less consistent.

  2. Todd Kettering says:

    So funny Chip! Thanks again for a great cartoon to brighten our day:)

  3. Peter Jay says:

    It is a shame that all of the political postering and lack of willingness to give the other a victory impedes progress undermining the purpose as to why they were elected in the first place. Shame on them all.

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