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Democrats are trying to keep their impeachment hopes under the radar. For example, Jimmy Carter’s not talking about it and he says you shouldn’t either. Besides, other Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi worry impeachment talk could backfire.

But former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has a different approach. He doesn’t want impeachment talk either. In fact he doesn’t want Trump impeached at all.

He wants the election annulled.

2 Responses to Impeachment

  1. scruffyleon says:

    Hopefully, in November, the Democrats will all drown in the Blue Waters of the Tidy Bowl as they go swirling down the drain.

  2. Petrenko says:

    Our democracy is at stake. Celebrities, tech giants, MSM are all ganging up to make this country a shithole, borderless, communist country. The crooked Democrat politicians are getting away with their crimes and they will continue until their agenda is complete. Everyday they’re alive this country is in danger.

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