Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Fired

sally yatesApparently Sally Yates is just another protester resisting the Trump presidency. Except that she’s the Acting Attorney General. Or was. President Trump fired her when she refused to carry out his immigration law revisions.

Sally Yates Profile

Senator  Chuck Schumer immediately tried to compare the firing to Nixon’s Saturday night massacre. The wily crying senator even worked in a Kennedy allusion, calling Yates “a profile in courage”.  Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz was having none of it. He said, “Yates was an Obama holdover who made a serious mistake by making a political decision rather than a legal one.”

Carl M. Cannon in Real Clear Politics says Yates is more a “profile in partisanship.” He says that Yates “shouldn’t still be in that job at the Department of Justice. Jeff Sessions should be, and Chuck Schumer is the reason he’s not.”

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4 Responses to Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Fired

  1. Thanks to the Democrats for making Trump look good. What will they do next…refuse to show up for a quorum? “Milk Carton” Democrats.

    • Paul says:

      Maybe they’ll flee to Canada like the Democrats of Wisconsin fled to Illinois and other places about six years ago while obstructing some Republican tweaks of labor policy and law. (It was a little attack, a mere pinprick, upon the Democrats’ spoils system, and leftists utterly flipped out.)

      If Congressional Democrats pull a similar stunt, let’s hope that Pence and other Republicans are wily enough to declare, “We accept your resignations. New elections must be held immediately to fill your seats with adults.”

  2. Paul Blumstein says:

    “Chuck Schemer”! Love it! It fits like a glove.

    Anyone who thinks he is any good needs to watch “Waco: Rules of Engagement” to discover what a lying creep he really is.

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