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Maureen Dowd and the Wall Street Journal editorial page both agree this election is a race between a known and an unknown. So it must be an idea worth stealing. Or as Rumsfeld would say a known known vs. a known unknown.

Known Unknown

Here’s the WSJ:

The choice comes down to the very high, if relatively predictable, costs of four more years of brute progressive government under Hillary Clinton versus a gamble on the political unknown of Donald Trump.

And Maureen Dowd:

The problem with Donald Trump is: We don’t know which of the characters he has created he would bring to the Oval Office

The trouble with Hillary Clinton is: We do know. Nobody gets less paranoid in the White House.

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  1. βιβλία says:

    That was a nice touch with the anxious American voter struggling to choose between the shifty racketeers and the builder. You’ve nailed it again.

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