Hillary and Trump on 9/11

151022-9/11Hillary told Chelsea, via email on the night of 9/11 2012, that the Benghazi attack was a planned terrorist attack. Yet two days later Suzan Rice appeared on 5 Sunday talk shows claiming it was an angry reaction to a movie. Hillary then promised parents of the dead she would hunt down the movie maker.


Dr. Krauthammer says, “We’re living in an age where what you say and its relation to the facts are completely irrelevant.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is driving Dan Henninger up a wall at the WSJ by implying George W. Bush was responsible for the original 9/11:

Just as Mr. Trump suggested responsibility for 9/11 lies somehow with former President Bush, Mrs. Clinton’s view has been that responsibility for the failure in Benghazi is so diffuse that no one is responsible, that asking questions about what happened is a political attempt to “come after me. ” …

What a spectacle it would be to have America’s highest office contested next year between these two.

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One Response to Hillary and Trump on 9/11

  1. terry says:

    I’ll never put myself on same plane as CK. But, I had a similar sense when watching. Hillary can sit up there and recite her multiplication tables in response to any question and it wouldn’t matter.
    It’s all theater and Hillary is the director, producer and actress-the perfect talent made for distribution to an American public weaned on obfuscation.
    Let the coronation commence.

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