Craigslist for Greeks


Greece’s Syriza Party Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed to accept new conditions for a bail-out from Germany. The conditions are tougher than the ones Greek voters rejected in a referendum less than two weeks ago. The agreement also calls for a €50 billion investment fund to help Greece grow out of its mess. The fund is to endowed by the sale of Greek assets. Craigslist for Greeks.

The agreement requires approval of the Greek Parliament.

In a WSJ piece title “Another Greek Can-Kicking” Holman Jenkins thinks the deal will retard any return to health for Greece.

But if you still have money in Greek banks you might be willing, to sacrifice the economy’s return to long-term health to maximize your chance of reclaiming your life savings.

He also says the deal was less about Greece than preserving relations between France and Germany.

France stepped out as defender of Greece and promoter of fake plaudits… Germany likes to be seen deferring to France to quell any idea that Germany is becoming strident and imperialistic again.

It must be true – David Ignatius lays out the same notion in the Washington Post.

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  1. Terry says:

    An appropriate inmage that suggests the incremental dismantling of Western culture. Greece is where it all started, so I guess fitting that it would begin to fall apart there.
    And the fact that it is piecemeal suggests that poor frog stuck in the pan of water that slowly approaches a boil.
    Who and what will impede the erosion of Western civilization? The answer may be painful to contemplate and require something Westerners are not accustomed to-hardship.

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