Guitar War

Maybe I pick on Obama too much but, sheeez. After his NLRB shuts down a Boeing plant in South Carolina and the 5000 jobs that go with it, his Justice Department raids the Gibson Guitar company. Gibson guitars are made in the USA. The frets are made of imported rosewood which may be illegal to harvest in India. Under the Lacy Act of 1900 it would be illegal to violate another country’s law. Except India isn’t complaining. In fact if Gibson exported its manufacturing to India and imported the finished guitars here there would be no problem!

6 Responses to Guitar War

  1. bill says:

    we don’t care what ‘bama don’t ‘llow, gonna pick a new president, anyhow.

  2. Jim Jack says:

    I was literrally just telling my colleagues about this when Chris(Robo)pulled up your cartoon. Fantastic!
    I am the woefully inadequate hockey player you played with earlier!

    You cannot beat up on the auto sector, banking and Wall Street, health care,energy sectors and add a new entitlement while the others are going down in flames and wonder why no-one is hiring!
    Great stuff!

  3. Jim Jack says:

    oh yeah and now the All-American Classic guitar company to boot! I’ll bet we pick up a few votes from the presumably Democratic workers @ Gibson frfom this little endeavor!

  4. db says:

    Wow. There are so many things wrong with that cartoon and the “explanation” of it, I don’t know where to begin. So many “facts” you’ve gotten wrong — not matters of opinion, mind you, but just flat-out incorrect information.

    But I’m sure your target audience will eat it up, since it attacks that Scary Man in the White House and blames him for the economy. We’ve seen time and again that, as long as you’re doing that, you don’t need reality on your side.

    • Bok says:

      That’s it? Not one argument? At least you didn’t call me any names. Please, try a little harder and find a place to begin. Which facts are wrong?

  5. larry d. says:

    Actually I think db called you a racist in a roundabout way, Chip.

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