Jet Setter

Chris Wallace famously asked Michelle Bachman if she were a “flake”.

Obama’s been called worse.

Tax breaks for corporate jets were included in the $800 billion stimulus package, right around the time auto execs were being slammed for arriving for congressional hearings in corporate jets. You can read about it here, here, or here.

Not only that, Bloomberg says it’s not even enough money to save student loans.

2 Responses to Jet Setter

  1. Peter says:

    The clear answer to the question is “yes”!

  2. DeepWheat says:

    Nevermind the naked class-warfare ideology being perpetrated by the political elite (and no, not all of the guilty are Dem’s), how many voting adults have forgotten the painful lesson of the 1990 budget deal that busted GHWB’s “No new taxes” pledge and gave us the Luxury Tax which utterly devastated the American yacht-building industry? It was SO-O-O bad (on the order of an *immediate* 70% drop in sales for US boat mfrs/sellers in the very 1st year), that even such Left-wing titans as the Kennedys (Teddy & Patrick) were compelled to tack to starboard to support its repeal, even sponsoring tax-CREDIT legislation, within two years of its onset…

    So now we have BHO & Co suggesting we do the same sort of thing to the biz-jet industry? And this in the face of the worst economy since the 30s??! There can be no further doubt of the elite politicians’ deliberately malicious intent to destroy liberty and American capitalism as we know it, but how can so many otherwise responsible adults continue to support these proposals and the politicians who espouse them?

    “A fanatic is someone who can’t change his mind, and *won’t* change the subject.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

    “Cogito, ergo TEA Party!” ~ DeepWheat

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