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Bureaucratic Swarms

David Harsanyi gives a shout out to the “terrorists” for limited government.

Entitlement State

As the usual flash mob of national leaders showed up to blame Tea Party terrorists for the debt ceiling deal, Paul Samuelson named the real hostage takers.

Tea Party version 1.1

Aside from being jihadists, hostage takers, and terrorists, some say that the Tea Party version 1.1 (version 1.0 was racist) has no interest in governing.

Wedding Party

American TV networks flocked to the Royal Wedding even though viewers had to rise at 4 am to see it live.  The crowd outside Westminster Abbey was pegged at 1 million.  Easy for them, they were on London Time.  I settled for the replay.

Strange that royalty should be so popular here in the land of the Tea Party.  It’s complicated.

NPR Seeks Tea Party Invitation

NPR faces the same federal defunding fate as cowboy poets.  Former NPR executive Robert Schiller was caught on tape calling members of the Tea Party gun toting racists.  That cost him his next job at the Aspen Institute (he was already leaving NPR).  NPR CEO Vivian Schiller (unrelated) got the axe too.

Some of NPR’s top guns, including Robert Siegel, Scott Simon, and Nina Totenberg, put out an open letter denouncing Robert Schiller’s comments. Here’s an LA Times story.

I wonder if cowboy poets tote guns.