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Got the idea for this one from a Washington Post column by Bill McKibben, a climate activist, denying that recent natural disasters are “isolated, unpredictable, discreet events”.

Swim at Your Own Risk

The Fukushima nuclear plants blew 4,385 times the legal limit for radiation levels in nearby seawater.

Could this mean a glowing future for water powered vehicles?  Other than that, I’m still okay with the view that, if we must have electric cars, nukes are the best way to make them go.

Heavy Water

Just as people were warming up to nuclear power again, along comes an 8.9 (update: 9.0).

Fearing another Chernobyl,  Congressman Ed Markey wants to take this opportunity to suspend the licensing of new reactors here. William Tucker, in the WSJ, says he’s over-reacting.

James Delingpole, in The Telegraph, agrees and so does Josh Dzieza in The Daily Beast.  Their consensus is that flooding the reactors with seawater means the utility owner is toast but nobody dies.

Meltdown Rundown

Doc Fix

Baby Doc showed up in Haiti without a passport.  Seems he’s down to his last $6 million, and that’s frozen in a Swiss bank account.  Former Georgia congressman Bob Barr feels his pain, “He’s a man that cares very deeply about his country. He’s hurt deeply as we are when we see the devastation and utter waste of money, U.S. taxpayer money.”

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