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World of Disappointment

140507-world-disappointmentGDP growth for the first quarter was 0.1%. The White House blamed it on cold weather.  This week The White House said we are suffering from global warming. The New Yorker’s David Remnick thinks the world is a disappointment to the president.

Polar Vortex Crosses Red Line in Climate War

140226-climate-polar vortex-red-line


The Polar Vortex is back. Used to be March just came in like a lion.

It doesn’t matter. Lions, lambs, vortexes, snow, rain, drought, ObamaCare – it’s all your fault. All things are made by man-caused global warming. Al Gore says so, JohnKerry says so, and President Obama says so.

 Vortex of Climate Change

So, if you like your polar vortex, you can keep your polar vortex. Period.


Here’s Victor Davis Hanson on Obama’s many red lines.

Settled Science

140222-settled-science -denier-galileo-climate changeThe Settled Science is unsettling. President Obama began last week with a trip to California where he blamed the drought on Global warming, aka Climate Change. Most climate change models predict warming will cause a wet California.

Click on this chart to see the WSJ Mcnider/Christy article on why John Kerry is all wet.

climate change computer:satellite map


More Settled Science

Then John Kerry dragged the State Department into the act by proclaiming Climate Change to be the world’s greatest weapon of mass destruction. He added that only shoddy scientists disagree. Here’s is Dr. Krauthammer’s diagnosis.

This Forbes piece shows that 31,000 scientists might not like being called “flat earthers”  by Kerry and his fellow climate McCarthyites.


Krauthammer, in the piece mentioned above, says insisting the science is settled is “a crude attempt to silence critics and delegitimize debate”. Sure enough, environmental activists launched a petition demanding that the Washington Post not publish his column.

Scientists Stuck in the Ice


If you’re a traveler stranded  by snow, ice, and sub zero temps this weekend you’re not alone.

Scientists Stuck in the Ice

A boatload of scientists on their way to measure the loss of antarctic sea ice got stuck in the ice. They were rescued by helicopter for evacuation to a Chinese ship – which is now also stuck in the global warming denying ice. Fortunately the scientists planned ahead and planted trees to offset their carbon emissions.

Update: I know weather isn’t climate but still…

And finally – Mark Steyn, Ship of Fools

Climate Conjecture

131011climate conjectureA new climate study hit the news last week. It predicts extremely hot temperatures in specific locations more than 50 years out. It uses computer modeling. Past computer models have done a poor job of predicting climate that has already happened. Maybe these are better models. Who knows?