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West Bank Red Line Threat

red line threat

In 2012 President Obama said, “We have been very clear to the Assad regime — but also to other players on the ground — that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.”

Here’s an Arms Control Association timeline of chemical weapons “moving around or being utilized” in Syria.

When it came time to act on his red line threat, Obama got cold feet. But Russia came to the rescue with a deal to remove and destroy the weapons:

The agreement seems to remove the prospect of any strike against Syria following the chemical attacks in Damascus on 21 August which killed up to 1,300 people.

Putin later entered the war with airstrikes in support of Bashar al Assad. That turned the tide in his favor and unleashed a greater flood of refugees and dead.

With the destruction of Aleppo in December Charles Krauthammer  wrote that the Obama administration could offer only bitter speechmaking at the UN:

In the end, the world’s greatest power was reduced to bitter speeches at the U.N. “Are you truly incapable of shame?” thundered U.S. ambassador Samantha Power at the butchers of Aleppo. As if we don’t know the answer.

Red Line Threat

Last week the administration drew a new red line through the West Bank and West Jerusalem for building settlements.

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Russian Red Line


Having drawn a red line in Syria, President Obama was unwilling to take action after Bashar Assad gassed his own people. Putin stepped in to save Barack’s bacon by setting up an inspections regime to remove poison gas from Syria.

Russian Red Line

On Monday at the UN President Putin said Russia would step up its support for Syria. Secretary of State Kerry welcomed the idea hoping Putin would do some of the dirty work needed to beat ISIS. On Wednesday the Russians told the Americans to get out of the way and bombed near Homs. The US says ISIS isn’t in Homs but “moderate” Syrian rebels are.

Now, according to the Telegraph, our new best friends, Iran and Hezbollah, are joining the fight.

Speaking of that red line – in 2013 Obama denied ever setting it. On Tuesday Josh Ernest insisted the president does’t regret setting it.

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Polar Vortex Crosses Red Line in Climate War

140226-climate-polar vortex-red-line


The Polar Vortex is back. Used to be March just came in like a lion.

It doesn’t matter. Lions, lambs, vortexes, snow, rain, drought, ObamaCare – it’s all your fault. All things are made by man-caused global warming. Al Gore says so, JohnKerry says so, and President Obama says so.

 Vortex of Climate Change

So, if you like your polar vortex, you can keep your polar vortex. Period.


Here’s Victor Davis Hanson on Obama’s many red lines.

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What Red Line?

130904-credibility-syria-obama-what-red-line-cartoonDuring a press conference on August 20 President Obama said, “a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.”

Yesterday in Stockholm, he said,  “I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line.”

He didn’t build that red line. Somebody else made that happen.

Obama continued, “Keep in mind, I’m somebody who opposed the war in Iraq, and I’m not interested in repeating mistakes about basing decisions on faulty intelligence”.

Secretary of State John Kerry says he has proof that Assad gassed his own people, but then Colin Powell had proof of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. For good measure Kerry also insists that Syrian rebels are moderate .

Shirtless Putin says, “Kerry lies“.

Assad is accused of murdering a few hundred of his own. Ann Coulter notes that Saddam Hussein killed 50,000 plus with chemical weapons, leading up to the war Obama opposed. Bush’s invasion of Iraq so frightened Gadhafi that he gave up his weapons of mass destruction and turned in A Q Kahn, the ringleader of a world wide nuclear weapons black market.

Maureen Dowd, on the other hand, blames Bush.

Our Future Red Line Allies

Meanwhile it seems the Syrian rebels are busying themselves by executing men on their knees, and attacking a Christian village while they await our intervention in the war on Assad.

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Syria Red Line

130829redline-obama-syria-cartoonWho says that President Obama’s words don’t matter. He warned the president of Syria not to gas his own people. A gas attack meant crossing a red line that would trigger a U.S. response. Apparently we’re down with killing 100,000 Syrians by other means.

Anyway, It looks like Assad has jumped the Red Line. Now we have to respond or lose credibility and, according to the polls, the American people have no stomach for another war.

Going it Alone in Syria

Not only that, the British Parliament voted not to help. It’s the first time they’ve denied the Prime Minister a request for military backing since 1782, when Parliament gave up on the American colonies! Maybe Obama should have kept the Churchill bust.

So far our leader says he’ll go ahead without the British, UN, or United States Congress. The French are still in. Freedom Fries any one?

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