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War on Women

130812war-on-women-cartoon-Democrats created the “war on women” as a campaign issue against Republicans who didn’t want to pay for abortion and contraceptive coverage. Something fully supported by The Weiner The World Awaited and Filthy Filner.

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In fact, Michelle Malkin notes on Twitchy that Planned Parenthood endorsed Filner in 2012 as a “long time defender of women”.

Of course, there is a history of women supporting bad boys.

War on Women

Hilary Rosen has apologized for saying Ann Romney never worked a day in her life. She also insisted that no one says there’s a Republican “war on women”. Nancy Pelosi disagrees.


Nancy Pelosi says Republicans have declared War on Women.

It’s an old war. (Click to enlarge)









Thurber cartoon from Fulltable.com .