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State of the Union



“There is something entirely appropriate about holding the State of the Union address on the same day as Mardi Gras.

One is a display of wretched excess, when giddy and rowdy participants give in to reckless and irresponsible behavior.

The other is a street festival in New Orleans.”

Dana Milbank, Washington Post

The State of the Union is Broke

The federal debt now equals 100% of GDP. It’s been 1000 days since the Senate last passed a budget. The president never mentioned Obamacare, or the Keystone Pipeline. I want my Mitch Daniels!

Date Night on the Ship of State

Got the idea for this from Kevin O’Brien in the Plain Dealer.

“Cocktails on the Lido Deck at 7. Scuba gear is mandatory.”

Civil Seating

Aisle schmile. People are going to sit where they darn well please for tonight’s State of the Union.