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Take One for the Team


Politico reported last week that Bill Clinton tried to get Florida Democrat Kendrick Meek out of the US Senate race. The idea was for Meek to drop out and endorse former Republican Charlie Crist. Crist dropped out of the Republican primary when it was apparent he would lose and is now running as an independent. In exchange for getting Meek out of the race Crist would agree to caucus with the Democrats – if he wins – thus, saving a scarce donkey senate seat.

The plot fizzled when Meek refused to strap on the suicide belt. No hard feelings, I guess. The Daily Caller says Clinton is stumping for Meek today. Meek tells CNN it was Crist who approached him, not Clinton. The St. Petersburg Times has a complete story here.



Here’s a WP discussion about why a foreclosure moratorium would prevent house values from finding a bottom.

There’s no moratorium on the political race to the bottom. The Real Clear Politics average poll value of Congress is 20.5% approve 72.8% disapprove.

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Next time Specter the Defector should get it in writing. (So should I. A previous version had a spelling error. This is the correct version.)