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Margaret Thatcher Funeral


Ronald Reagan says that Margaret Thatcher won't mind that VP Biden didn't make it to her funeral.The vice president of the United States decides tie votes in the senate and goes to funerals. President Obama had nice things to say about Margaret Thatcher but chose not to attend her funeral. Nor did he elect to send Joe Biden.

Some Brits took this as another snub by Obama; most probably considered it a blessing.


How Peggy Noonan sees Romney’s Etch A Sketch problem:

…then-Sen. Barack Obama, in 2008, was widely viewed as a blank slate, an empty canvas on which people painted their hopes and yearnings. He knew it; he admitted it was part of his mystique. So he was a kind of Etch A Sketch too, only he let the voters turn the knobs. The other is that it illustrated with a disheartening vividness the essential Romney problem, which has never gone away after all this time: that he’s making it up as he goes along, that he’ll be one thing today and another tomorrow.