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Race Card

You may add “Chicago” to your list of racist words.

Ron Paul

Paul Ryan gave a great speech full of ideas last night. I’m still combing through it for cartoon ideas. The convention began with a fight over the seating of the other Paul’s delegates from Maine. Ron Paul still has not said if he will vote for Romney.

Other than the Paul delegates, the liveliest people at the convention so far have been deranged, race obsessed, commentators. Chris Mathews insists that talk about food stamps and welfare is a Republican “dog whistle” for playing the race card. Most people on welfare and food stamps are white, so Gingrich blew the whistle on Matthews for assuming they were black.

Yahoo’s Washington bureau chief, David Chalian, topped that by saying the Romney’s are “happy to have a party with black people drowning”. He was fired.


Women Wars

In his memoir, Dreams of My Father, Obama says that, as a young man, he took his white girlfriend to a play by a black playwright. After the play she complained that she couldn’t understand why black people were always angry.  In the process of writing his own biography of the president, David Maraniss tracked down the girlfriend. She says she only attended one play with Obama and it wasn’t by a black playwright. Asked about this, Obama says he used composites in his book.

In this column about the Maraniss book, Byron York describes how Obama composited his own identity.

Another fictional female in Obama’s life is Julia, a government dependent cartoon gal appearing in a slide show created by the Obama election campaign.


Not Chris Matthew’s Leg Tingle

100721bokloresThe Washington Post’s Ezra Klein ran a listserv limited to about 300 liberal media types called Journolist.  Apparently the 300 included a whistle blower .  The Daily Caller reported that Journolist archives include an NPR producer who would get a tingle out of Rush Limbaugh’s bug eyed death by heart attack – not surprising, an ignorant academic who thought that the FCC could shut down Fox News – also not surprising, and that real journalists discussed how to stop media coverage of Jeremiah Wright – way surprising.



President Obama certainly has a diverse range of Harvard pals.  They cover the spectrum from the recently offended Professor Gates to the often offending Larry Summers.  Former President Summers so offended the Harvard Faculty that they ran him from office. Obama rescued Dr. Summers from life on the street by making him Director of the White House National Economic Council.

You can read about Summer’s unspeakable offense here.  Go here for Mark Steyn’s take on Gates.

President Obama has managed to offend both cops and doctors in last couple days. (See the cartoon below.)