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Press Conference

The president seemed to hold all the cards Wednesday for his first press conference in 8 months. Greg Gutfeld says Obama’s outrage over criticism of Susan Rice’s explanation of the Benghazi attack was greater than his outrage over the actual Benghazi attack.

Open Book

During his surprise press conference Monday, the president defended his campaign tactics by again calling for Romney to release his tax returns. He said, “if you want to be president… your life’s an open book when it comes to things like your finances”.

He also accused Romney of “just making stuff up” in an ad that accuses Obama is gutting welfare reform.


Twitter Flasher

Turns out Weiner did send those naughty bit pics. Pathetic but not as pathetic as 2000 page bills nobody reads.

Post Election Press Conference

101103boklores1To Doyle McManus, of the LA Times, this isn’t 1994 when Bill Clinton said of the voters, “They sent us a clear message. I got it”. In 2010 it was all Obama could do to walk back his Nixon-like comment that those same voters are “the enemy“.