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Off the Record

130531-first-amendment-cartoon-President Obama has proclaimed himself a fierce defender of the First Amendment . On cue, Eric Holderman called for a meeting of news honchos to clear the air about his secretive and nasty behavior toward them. True to form, the meeting was off the record.

Strange behavior for a couple of guys who only know what they read.

Update: Here’s a great Nat Hentoff piece on two Obamas. (He mentions the efforts of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to lead the pushback for the first amendment. Nat’s a RCFP steering committee member and so am I.)

Open Book

During his surprise press conference Monday, the president defended his campaign tactics by again calling for Romney to release his tax returns.  He said, “if you want to be president… your life’s an open book when it comes to things like your finances”.

He also accused Romney of “just making stuff up” in an ad that accuses Obama is gutting welfare reform.



Here’s an interesting Politco story about vetting bias.

Slapstick Scandal

Mrs. Murdoch slapped silly her husband’s Parliament pie assailant yesterday.  No word on whether the guy smuggled the fully assembled shaving creme concoction in his pants or if he assembled it on site. In any case he managed to achieve the impossible – not by outsmarting security –  but by turning Murdoch into a victim, for a moment.

David Cameron is now calling for more media regulation. Here’s an LA Times editorial.

Manic Depression is a Frustrating Mess

In a pop culture that absolves all sorts of bad behavior with a trip to the Betty Ford Clinic and a weepy Oprah appearance, Charlie Sheen is a breath of fresh air. At least that’s the generous way of looking at it.  Here’s Brendan O’Neill quoted by Nick Gillespie in Reason:

“…Sheen is rebelling against the super-conformist modern narrative of weak individuals who need to be saved by psycho-priests.”

Or maybe he really is mentally ill.  That seems to be the attraction to the major networks.  Step right up and see the Crazy Man!  They’ve broken the final TV taboo – exploiting the sick.

Stay tuned for the next reality show, Celebrity Pustules.  Sick.