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All of the Above

The president angered his union base to please his green base by stopping the Keystone pipeline. Now he’s taking credit for building a part of the pipeline that doesn’t require his approval. He’s also taking credit for drilling that didn’t require his approval. This could anger his green base. He calls it his All of the Above Strategy.

Lone Ranger

There’s no silver bullet for high silver prices either.

Warm Huggies

Robert Samuelson calls Obama’s pipeline decision an act of insanity.

Port Authority

Dockworkers and truckers on the west coast were largely ungracious about the Occupy movement’s efforts on their behalf. Protesters attempted to disrupt capitalism by shutting down ports from San Diego to Anchorage, causing workers to be sent home without pay.

The president, who disrupted the the Keystone Pipeline and the jobs that go with it, has previously said of the protesters, “you are the reason I ran for office“.