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Butt Dialing Big Brother

131025 butt dialing big brother


Are we butt dialing Big Brother? Edward Snowden claims every phone call in the US is recorded by NSA.

Angela Merkel is livid at President Obama for allegedly listening in on her cell phone calls via NSA. Other EU leaders have the same complaint.

Other People’s Money in Cyprus


a car full of money drives away from Bank of Cyprus and driver asks "what's plan B?"The EU tried to tax Cypriot savings accounts up to 10% in exchange for a bail-out of the banking system. The attempted heist was broken up by the Cyprus parliament with 36-0 vote. So now the Cyprus banks are closed until Tuesday awaiting plan B.

Arnold Ahlert says the world banking system is running out of other people’s money -“we’re all Cypriots now”.


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Euro Gap

Historian Victor Davis Hanson explains why Germany is rich and Greece isn’t.