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The president seemed to feel that debating was beneath him on Wednesday night. I guess it was.

The quote from above was related to Ryan Lizza by Patrick Gaspard in this New Yorker piece. You’ll have to read more than half the article to get to it. If you’re like me, you’d rather not, so go here to see it on Politico along with nine other of the president’s humble pronouncements.


Going into tonight’s debate, Obama is mired in troubles (I couldn’t cram in Fast and Furious, Afghan police killing American troops, or the coverup of the Benghazi attacks ), yet he leads in the polls, and Republicans are hammering Romney!

If you’ve got half an hour to blow, here’s an entertaining and angry speech by Pat Caddell, former pollster for Jimmy Carter.




I passed on the Republican debate Monday night for the Stanley Cup game. The Bruins put it away in the first period and, according to Dana Milbank’s play by play, so did Michelle Bachman.

I also missed the rapture of Newt’s staff while he was on a boat in the Greek Isles. Not making the cut, he carried on alone.