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Newt now says he’ll do everything he can to help Mitt get elected. That’s a switch from January when he implied Romney was a corporate looter. Gingrich has run up a campaign debt of $4.3 million.

Dog Days

Here’s Kathleen Parker on dog eat dog politics

Etch A Sketch Candidate

A Romney aid said the campaign is like an Etch A Sketch – you can shake it up and start all over before the general election. Just like Romney Care. Or Bain Capital. Etch A Sketch stock has tripled since both Gingrich and Santorum started waving the things around on TV last night.




Super Wednesday

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Santorum was edged out by Romney in the wee hours last night in Ohio. But no matter – Ohio delegates are won proportionally. Oh wait, the Santorum machine didn’t fill out all its delegate slates.

I’ll Never Grow Up

After shutting down the pipeline, Obama went to Disneyland to tell the world America is open for business.