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Immigration for Millionaires


While Congress debated how to keep out illegal immigrants, Phil Mickelson had the temerity to suggest he might immigrate the other way. The reason – his 60% total tax bill. In the ensuing uproar over his greedy desire to keep more of his money, he caved, and also apologized for having kept his opinions.

All the States Above Average


Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Meet the Press Sunday that the federal government owes the Golden State. He claims that his state only gets back $0.78 on the dollar from the feds while Alaska gets $1.86. (I accidentally cheated the mushers out of $0.56 in the cartoon.) Go here to see this part of the interview (if you don’t want to hear the whole thing you can fast forward to the 4:50 mark). In a later section of the interview he smacks the California congressional delegation for supporting the health care bill which he says will be an economic blow to their state .