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Libya Leadership

Even Eugene Robinson is bewildered by the Libya Mission.

So what the hell are we doing? I realize that President Obama and his advisers have answered this question many times, but I feel it’s necessary to keep asking until the answers begin to make sense.

The Mother Of All Clean-Ups

100806bokloresHow do you lose 200 million gallons of oil? Apparently Mother Nature cleaned it up.  Maybe she’ll sell it on the spot market.

Lockerbie Bomber Not Dead Yet


BP is off to drill offshore Libya in a few weeks.  The simple explanation would be that offshore drilling is banned here.  The more interesting explanation is that it has something to do with the release of the surprisingly fit Lockerbie Bomber.

Gusher Side Chat

100616bokloresThe President’s Oval Office call to arms over BP turning the Gulf of Mexico into the La Brea Tar Pits didn’t play to rave reviews.  Here’s Andrew Malcolm in the Los Angeles Times.

Curse The Crisis

100609bokloresAn insubordinate White House staff ignored President Obama’s order to “plug the damn hole”. That made the president very angry.  As he told Matt Lauer , “If you want a job done right…”

Obama then exercised the Emanuel Doctrine, “Never Waste a Crisis”, by recycling an old Cap and Trade bill.  Here’s James Delingpole in the UK Telegraph on that.