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Ozzie Loves Fidel

Ozzie Guillen’s 5 star rating of an aging lefty has not gone over well with Miami’s Cuban community. Ozzie told Time magazine he “loves” Fidel Castro. He modified that to mean he admired Fidel’s ability to hang on to his job against all odds. His admiration could cost Ozzie his own job. So far it’s  earned him a 5 game suspension.

Death and Taxes


Some guys have all the luck.  Last year the estate tax was 45%.  Next year it will be 55%.  This year?  Nil. Zero. The empty set.  Businesses say this sort of thing makes it tough to plan for the future.  One business isn’t complaining.  Since he died in 2010, George Steinbrenner’s heirs won’t have to sell the Yankees to pay the taxes.

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