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Neil Armstrong

Not that I have anything against 90 inch HD flat screens. It’s just that it was so cool to watch the old tube as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface (or the Arizona desert, if you’re so inclined) and then to go outside and look at the moon and comprehend that he was really there. The technology that put a man on the moon now seems kind of primitive, yet no one has been back in 30 years.

Wikipedia has a chart (sourced to OMB) that shows NASA’s budget, as a percentage of federal spending, peaked at 4.41% in 1966 while 2011 spending was down to .53%

Mars Mission



Newt Moon


Newt Gingrich wants to build a permanent moon colony.

More Savings

Among the savings on offer, is a jillion dollars by not fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A few weeks ago a NASA scientist speculated that we could be attacked by aliens upset about global warming – really. So far, it hasn’t happened. More savings for you.

Nasa Needs a Ride Board

Having abandoned the Space Shuttle by the side of the galaxy, NASA relied on the kindness of Russians for transportation to the International Space Station. Bad move. While NASA minds contemplated the finer points of alien attack (not involving relatives of the president), a Russian Soyuz blew up, leaving the space station lost in space.