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Republican Losers


The voters are angry because the Republican establishment consists of a bunch of losers who won’t change the status quo.

Made sense to me.

But WSJ establishment guy Bret Stephens doesn’t see it that way. When President Obama came to power he had control of the House and Senate. He signed Obamacare without a single Republican vote. Stephens thinks Republicans have accomplished a lot since then:

These were significant political achievements, which only awaited a serious presidential candidate to lead to a sweeping Republican restoration.

Trump Evolves, Lying Ted Colludes

lying ted

Donald Trump’s new advisor, Paul Manafort, told party leaders they would see his man evolve into a candidate of more “depth“. That was until The Donald decided Lying Ted and John Kasich were colluding against him. He said, “it shows how pathetic they are.”

I got the idea for this one when I heard Rush Limbaugh ruminating on how Ted Cruz must feel to find himself outflanked by Trump and joined at the hip to cranky Kasich the insider.

Cruz was the original outsider candidate. There’s a Senate full of Republicans who hate him as proof.

Jeffrey Lord, a Cruz fan, has a column about this came to pass. He thinks Cruz should have teamed with Trump. Instead he blew it by going mainstream with Kasich.

Trump Lights Lamp

trump lights lamp

Trump lights the lamp in the New York Primary. The Donald won 89 delegates with 60.4% of the vote. Kasich won 4 delegates with 25.1%, and the senator formerly known as Lying Ted won zero delegates with 14.5% of the vote.

The Rules are Rigged

the rules are rigged

The Donald is having trouble playing by the rules. Republican party rules say you need 1,237 delegates to win the nomination of the first ballot. Trump says the rules are rigged by the party elite.

As of now Trump leads with 743 to 545 for Cruz. Kasich is hanging in with 143. You can get an updated count here.

Each state makes its own rules for awarding delegates and smarty pants Cruz knows the rules. After all, if you can’t figure out how to win in Colorado how will you beat Isis?

Here’s how it works.

Democratic Superdelegates

democratic superdelegates

Bernie is racking up the wins but the party establishment is safe, thanks to Democratic Superdelegates. Unlike mere mortal delegates they aren’t beholden to any candidate.

Mark Plotkin in The Hill calls the Superdelegate arrangement a House of Lords category that makes the Democratic Party undemocratic.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are all House of Commons – no Superdelegates. The only way for their establishment to stop an outsider like Trump is to back Ted Cruz, an outsider they hate a little less.