Trudeau Drives Trump Bonkers

trump bonkersA Justin Trudeau press conference seemed to drive President Trump bonkers. The Canadian Prime Minister spoke as Trump boarded Air Force One following the G7 meeting in Quebec. The president called Trudeau dishonest and weak. Strong words for the head of state of your best ally. Trump trade warrior in chief, Peter Navarro. then piled on saying there’s a special place in Hell for Trudeau. is it hot enough there to make your eyebrows fall off?


2 Responses to Trudeau Drives Trump Bonkers

  1. scruffyleon says:

    Being afraid to say what he felt face to face with Trump, Trudeau hid behind others until Trump left Canada on his way to Singapore.
    Trudeau reminds me of a poor imitation of Louis XIV. Trudeau is acting childish and immature. Canadians should be embarrassed.

    • Bok says:

      Trudeau is a gender bending globalist but but you’ll never find a better friend and neighbor than Canada. He’s their head of state and our head of state should show more respect to him in public than he does to Rocket Man.

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