Special Counsel Robert Mueller Crime Search

mueller crime search

The Justice Department appointed Robert Mueller special counsel this week. His mission is to investigate suspected collusion between Team Trump and Russia. And pretty much anything else that strikes his fancy once he gets going.

Mueller’s a career creature of the Washington Swamp. But, as swamp creatures go, he’s one of the most respected. He served as FBI Director for 12 years without scandal. It also doesn’t hurt that he earned a Bronze Star and Purple heart as a Marine rifle platoon leader in Vietnam.

Mueller Crime Search

Another Washington swamp creature, Rep. Maxine Waters, looks forward to the Mueller crime search. She anticipates a thorough and fair investigation. Ending with the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The only problem is, so far, there’s no evidence of a crime.



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  2. Allan says:

    This is one of your best toons ever. It skewers two obnoxious scam artists, and it drives home an important point about the arbitrariness with which their party expects to wield power even before it establishes itself in totalitarianism, which is the Democrats’ obvious goal.

    Feminists might object that the toon is unjustifiably sexist, but there is a better interpretation. It’s a social commentary about the imprudence and folly of allowing women to participate freely in politics even though there is a known and quantifiable bias among them in favor of collectivist despotism.

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