Ted Cruz’s Convention Speech

ted cruz's convention speech

Dr. Krauthammer diagnosed Ted Cruz’s convention speech as a suicide note. Larry Kudlow says Cruz gave a “career ending speech”.

But David Harsanyi says, “In a party filled with cowards, Cruz stood apart.”

If 2016 ends up being a disaster for his party—and it’s a good bet it will—Cruz will be the only major Republican to emerge from the Trump fiasco with his principles largely intact. Maybe, as his critics claim, he’s just laying the groundwork for 2020. Maybe it will backfire. Maybe only someone as stubborn and egotistical as Cruz could do it. So what?

4 Responses to Ted Cruz’s Convention Speech

  1. Paul Blumstein says:

    Cruz showed, once again, that he is a man of principles. The RNC showed it isn’t.

    Cruz did stand apart. He lost because the country is getting the candidate it deserves. The majority doesn’t deserve a great candidate; they deserve a great con man and a felon. That is what they got.

    Unfortunately, it deeply hurts the minority who deserve better. It is understandable why so few Americans fought the British, the rest deserved to be kept under tyranny.

    • ScruffyLeon says:

      Once again, this time on National TV, Cruz showed his deep character flaw to the voters. Cruz committed political suicide without the help of Dr Kevorkian.

      Fortunately, the Cruz supporters are welcome to help defeat Hillary Clinton this November. Let’s hope they realize that a Hillary win means no more free elections for USA.

    • Katherine Rauch says:

      Hear, Hear! You are exactly right, Paul!!

  2. Rose Roever says:

    Ted Cruz has guts! I admire him for being true to his own values regardless of what the consequences may be for his future in politics. You’re a good man, Mr. Cruz!!

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