Mass in Cuba

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Pope Francis celebrated Mass in Cuba on Sunday. Standing before a giant image of Che Guevara, he said “Service is never ideological, for we don’t serve ideas, we serve people.” Afterward he met with Fidel but not with Cuban dissidents.

He will meet with dissidents in the United States. President Obama has invited Catholic dissidents to a reception for the pope.

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  1. terrysays:

    Troubling that he didn’t make a bit more of not being able to meet with Cuban dissidents. JP2 may have pushed a little harder.
    Jesus certainly would have, as he did with the Pharisees.
    Francis is a nice man, but too squishy, nicey/feely for me on the tough issues.
    Bill Bennet this AM brought to light some of his comments after the Charlie Hebdo killings that were troubling for me.
    Francis is thrust into a unique position at a pivotal time. He needs to grasp the opportunity, much as JP2 did. Remains to be seen if he chooses his time to do that. I pray for his courage.

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