Fiorina Face Time


The consensus seems to be that Carly Fiorina, JV champ of the first Republican debate, was the winner of the second varsity debate.

Interestingly she did it on different sides of women’s issues. She roughed up The Donald implying he insulted all women by making fun of her appearance. Then she attacked federal funding for Planned Parenthood calling its trade in fetal body parts a question of “the character of our nation”.


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One Response to Fiorina Face Time

  1. βιβλία says:

    Oh, wow, this is high theater, and there are still about 10 months ahead of us before the conventions. I hope that the Republicans can keep it up without doing too much to remind us why they are called The Stupid Party.

    Fyi, The Donald says that “I think really everybody did well”.

    Trump praises debate rivals, CNN: ‘I was very impressed’
    by Dylan Stableford

    Sooner or later the Democrats may start panicking about all the attention which The Donald is bringing to the GOP candidates. And what do Democrats have too look forward to if they can return national focus to their own candidates? The leading contenders,

    Hillary “Privatized Server” Clinton, and
    Bernie “Socialist Despotism” Sanders,

    provide us with important clues about issues which will dog the Democrats until Nov. 2016.

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