Climate of Fear


The Islamic Caliphate is capturing and holding territory in Anbar province and Syria. ISIS murdered 262 people in Palmyra over Memorial Day weekend. If past behavior is any guide, antiquities there could be doomed. President Obama called the defeat of Ramadi a “tactical setback”.

In a commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy last week the president hinted at his military priorities. He named climate change the top national security threat.


One Response to Climate of Fear

  1. Terry says:

    Intersting article today’s WSJ on tactics employed by ISIS in Ramadi. A single armored bulldozer worked for a full hour removing concrete barriers integral to Iraqi defenses. Then drove in heavily armored vehicles laden with explosives (VBIED)and detonated. Terribly destructive.
    I don’t know tactics or what assets available to the Iraqis, but if there is air support, why was it not called in? No forward air controllers trained or missing?
    This thing is one balled-up mess!!

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