Beheaders Beware


Last year two homegrown Islamists beheaded a soldier on a London street. The beheaders then lectured the gathered crowd until the bobbies finally arrived and shot them. A week ago Australian authorities broke up a plot to carry out beheadings on the streets of Australia.


Americans are armed to the teeth. Will that deter beheaders here? Maybe not. Last week a recent Muslim convert beheaded a coworker in a case of “workplace violence” in Oklahoma.

While he was in the act of stabbing another colleague he was shot by the firm’s COO.


Dick Morris says Obama is in denial over terrorism, for political reasons as usual. He claims the purpose of the ISIS beheading videos is to inspire lone wolf acts of terror here. Rather than alert the public, the president wants to bury the public’s head in the sand before the midterm elections. Morris says Obama successfully used the same strategy when he blamed the Benghazi terror attacks on a movie before his 2012 re-election.

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