Degrade and Destroy

Last week President Obama said he didn’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIL, the Islamist terror concern occupying large swaths of Iraq and Syria.

Degrade and Destroy

This week he said he would “degrade and destroy” those same head sawing barbarians. Moments later he dialed that back, saying he would reduce ISIL to a “manageable problem“.

Just to keep things interesting Joe Biden vowed to chase them to the gates of hell.

Daniel Henninger of the WSJ (you should get a one-time pass) thinks Obama believes America’s real enemies are the unmanageable, “ideologically rigid, anti-science” congressional Republicans.

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  1. Alan Robbins says:

    Popular Request. It has been months since I have seen a Bok cartoon featuring “Heart Shorts.” Bring back the good Ole days!!

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