Government Collapse

130928-government - collapseThe majority of Americans don’t like ObamaCare but they don’t want it to collapse. They don’t want to risk a government shutdown either. Republicans hate it but are divided over risking a shutdown.

Charles Krauthammer, and Brit Hume are among conservatives who thinks it’s unlikely President Obama will sign a bill abolishing ObamaCare. They have a point.

Here’s a column by Daniel Henninger betting that Obamacare will be the straw that breaks the donkey’s back, causing the progressive agenda to collapse. Hmm.

Donkey Business

Here’s a donkey with straw. 131001donkey-straw-collapse

And here’s a donkey up in the air. The straw donkey was  probably a better   analogy but I thought this one was pretty funny.

131001donkey air collapse

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