More Stuff About Our USO Trip

Okay. Here are my pictures from the trip. I recommend the slide show. I like it. We did a lot in a few days and I’ve been a little confused due to jet lag. For example I have no memory of staying over-night in Germany. But I do remember the shower door opening from a corner, same as last year. I may have lost my mind but I know I’m clean.

Thankfully, Mad magazine’s Tom Richmond has a comprehensive account of the entire trip. As if he can be believed. However, I’m intimidated enough by his caricatures to accept whatever he says. Please go to his site to see what really happened. Thanks.

David Ignatius really rides with the helicopter swells. And he knows what he’s talking about. Here’s what he had to say about the Sunday Baghdad bombings.

One more thing. I’ve made it easier for you to comment. The last time I did this I got Spamalot. So I shut it down which is why there aren’t many comments. If you’re still having trouble with it send an email to, Bcc’d to 500 million of your closest friends, and I’ll sic my technical staff on it.

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  1. Twins says:

    I can see all the photos as they load onto the page, but when I go to play slideshow, I get a screen from mobileme that says the page can’t be found.

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