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Internet Control

140321internet control

Al Gore invented the internet and Barack Obama is giving it away.

Who Controls the Internet

Brendan Greeley in Bloomberg Businessweek explains how it works. The system that assigns names to web servers, the Internet domain name system (DNS), is run by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann). Icann is under the control of the U.S. Commerce Department. The government announced in a news dump last Friday it’s giving up that control.

Countries like China and Russia want that power to go the U.N. Then they would have influence over  which websites get domain names. Without a domain name you’re nobody. As Greeley puts it:

It’s a bad sign that the U.S. has chosen to give up this power. It means that the administration doesn’t feel that it can get away with holding onto it, diplomatically, which means that on this issue, we no longer enjoy the support of countries such as Germany. Perhaps it was that time we tapped Angela Merkel’s cell phone.



Missing Airplane

140318 missing airplane

 Why does the media give insane wall to wall coverage of a missing airplane when nobody knows what happened? I’ve been watching nonstop while doing this cartoon! Oh that’s why.


FCC Plan to Pressure Newsrooms


Last week the Wall Street Journal published a story about an FCC plan to pressure  newsrooms to provide the kind of coverage the government wants. That led to the kind of coverage the government didn’t want and the FCC backed off its scheme.

Sochi Spy Swap


 There will be no Sochi Spy Swap for Edward Snowden.

Senator Mark Warner wants to deport Justin Bieber to Canada. He could go to jail. Pussy Riot has already been there.

Pussy Rioters served Russian prison time for protesting President Putin’s human rights record. That and desecrating a church. In Bieber’s case it would be for assaulting his limo driver. Or for assaulting his jet pilot with second hand pot smoke.

No Sochi Spy Swap but Snowden Welcome

Putin says Edward Snowden is welcome to attend the Sochi Olympics. Pussy Riot, not so much.

I meant to include a shirtless Putin but ran out of room.

Super Bowl Version XLVIII.2

140203-super-bowl-version-XLVIII.2-obamaHate to drag politics into the sports, but I didn’t want to miss out on Super Bowl Version XLVIII.2. First, Team Obama tweeted The One throwing a football. Then Bill O’Reilly interviewed him.

Dr. Krauthammer says the interview was better than the game and the score was closer.

Dana Milbank says O’Reilly treated President Obama like a guest on the Factor. Which is to say, not well.  O’Reilly’s interruptions were annoying but Obama would have verbally stonewalled him if he let him. Instead he blamed his problems on Fox.

As it was Obama booted questions on Benghazi and  Republicans have yet to recover the ball (view from 6:24-7:37).

Super Bowl Version XLVIII.2 Update:

Fox New’s Catherine Herridge nails the CIA for knowing the attack in Benghazi had nothing to do with demonstrations gone wild, yet the director changed talking points allowing Susan Rice to blame the attacks on protests about a video.