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White House War on Women


The White House thought it was a good idea to focus attention on the war on women’s pay. Until it turned out the White House wages the same war. Women who work there earn 88 cents for every dollar men earn. The White House blames the pay gap on work experience, education, and hours worked – the same reason given by the private sector.

Wage Gap


President Obama wants to direct the attention of War on Women victims to the wage gap between men and women. Women on average make 77 cents for every dollar men earn. This statistic doesn’t take into account that some women leave the workforce  for long periods of time for the birth of a child. Women also tend to have work schedules that allow for more care of a child. And they cry a lot. Just kidding.

Wage Gap

Studies show that men, the aggressors in the war on women, don’t care about children at all except when they are eating them. This attitude allows men to focus more on work and accounts for the wage gap.

No Acceptable Business Case

140404 GM Acceptable Buisness Case

 The Chevy Cobalt is being recalled because the ignition shuts off while the vehicle is running! None of the solutions to fix it represented an “acceptable business case“, according to General Motors. Thirteen people have died so far. GM warns this can be caused by too heavy a key ring.

So, as your life passes before your eyes while barreling downhill at 80mph without power, or airbags, please keep in mind… your key ring is too damn heavy.

Acceptable Business Case

On the other hand you could have kept your key ring and GM could have fixed the problem with a 57 cent part.

At least they’re not blowing your bail out money.



Russian Rocket Rides


Pressuring Putin over Ukraine is tricky. It’s a tough sell to squeeze the Russian economy because much of Europe depends on Putin for fuel.  But what about American dependency on Russia for a way back to earth?

Russian Rocket Rides

Ever since NASA put the Space Shuttle up on blocks in 2011, with no replacement, the U.S. has paid 70 million a pop for Russian rocket rides.


The President, the Governors, and the Minimum Wage


In his continuing effort to avoid Congress, President Obama met with state governors on Monday. He stressed that they can can do practical and popular things together, like raise the minimum wage. He’s already flown solo raising the minimum for federal contract workers.

Minimum Wage Economy

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal responded that the Obama economy is a minimum wage economy. Jay Carney said Jindal prefers a $7.25 economy.The Office of Management and Budget says raising the minimum wage will cost 500, 000 jobs.

Meanwhile, the economy in North Dakota is booming. Wages there are soaring for workers who do the one thing the president hates most – produce fossil fuels.