Take a Bow

091116bokloresWell, our president certainly isn’t one to hold a grudge. Within the same week he’s granted constitutional rights to the mastermind of of the worst attack on the U.S. since Pearl Harbor  and bowed to  the Emperor of Japan. Here’s a link to the LA Times story.

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4 Responses to Take a Bow

  1. Twins says:

    Wow. Your imbedded content is powerful. I want Krauthammer to be my president. Watch your back…. he’s pretty cute too.

  2. Twins says:

    I think your link to Brodar is too vague. Take us to the point if we bother to follow your logic.

  3. ExAkronite says:

    Hu’s on first in this game!

  4. Obama Supporter says:

    I voted for Obama as I thought he was the best choice for President at the time. I really have to say that I disapprove of his behavior with respect to his bowing before leaders of other nations. I think this is grossly inappropriate and shows that he forgets at times that he represents the people of the United States not merely his agenda.

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